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AL DEGREGORIS | All In Good Time | A-PEX Recordings International

LE JAZZ COLLAB | The Green Album | Independent

PEET PROJECT | Night is Fallin' | Beagle Beat Records

On Track

DENNIS ANGEL On Track Timeless Grooves Records

Dennis Angel made a fateful choice after high school – study music at Julliard or pursue a law degree. He eventually became a well-respected entertainment attorney, but jazz found its way back in 2009, when he recorded “The Wall Street Recession Time Blues.” He made an impact with his multi-faceted, full-length debut TIMELESS GROOVES, and now he’s back, deep in the melodic and grooving pocket again with his latest, ON TRACK. The first single “Soul Strut,” produced by Jason Miles, is a playfully funky, swinging tune featuring Angel’s soulful flugelhorn surrounded by top Jazz veterans Kenny Barron (piano), Gottfried Stoger (sax) and the grooving rhythm section of James Genus (bass) and Edward J.T. Lewis (drums). Angel is ON TRACK to become a bona fide jazz star!

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No Strings Attached

MARIEA ANTOINETTE No Strings Attached Independent

Who knew the magical sound of the harp could find a home on the funk side of the Jazz world? San Diego native Marie Antoinette’s repertoire includes Classical, Jazz and R&B, which she has showcased at Walt Disney Hall and of course out on the Jazz in Pink tour. Her debut single “Give Me Your Love” is a sensual, funky fresh re-imagining of the love song from Curtis Mayfield’s iconic Super Fly soundtrack. Keeping her spirited, melodic harp lines front and center, she creates a bold blend of old school with soul sensibilities, symphonic atmospheres and sizzling brass. “Give Me Your Love”… and more of it, please!

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THE AULT SISTERS Timeless Independent

Toronto based siblings Amanda (23), Alicia (21) and Alanna Ault (19) have grown up applying their glorious vocal harmonies to everything from holiday music to pop and rock. On TIMELESS, they swing playfully into a seductive, cool retro Jazz vibe that brings to mind everyone from The Andrews Sisters to Wilson Phillips, while allowing them to put their own stamp on a mix of classics ("The Boy From New York City," "Moondance," "River") and a few originals. The very talented Ault Sisters are in perfect harmony throughout the very compelling TIMELESS!

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Groove Time

BENNETT B Groove Time Baton Records

Veteran Hollywood session guitarist and contemporary jazz artist with three previous albums under his belt, Bennett B declares that it’s GROOVE TIME on his explosive fourth full length project. Produced by multi-Grammy winning artist Paul Brown, the ten track set has splashes of sizzling brass, a sprinkling of Blues, a lot of Funk and simmering old school keyboard textures. Guests include Greg Adams, and Ricky Lawson in one of his last recordings. The single “Tell Me About It” is mid tempo, in the pocket cool all the way – the perfect showcase for Bennett’s expressive electric guitar excitement. The title says it all – GROOVE TIME grooves!

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A Miracle of Love

DIANA BARASH A Miracle of Love Anaviv Music

On her sensual and soulful debut album A MIRACLE OF LOVE, well traveled Eastern European native Diana Barash caresses her spirited blend of moods, romance and inspiration with exotic percussion, soundscape textures and ethereal atmospheres. Drawing from world music as well as traditional genres like jazz, R&B and pop, the sensual singer creates dreamy journeys (on some tracks in collaboration with renowned jazz pianist and composer Sunnie Paxson) that seduce the listener with optimism as she sings of love, hope, empowerment and perseverance. The elegant, trumpet laced focal track “Save This World” can be enjoyed both as a vocal and instrumental.

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Best Love Songs

SYLVIA BENNETT Best Love Songs Out of Sight Music

Love doesn’t get any better than this! Grammy-nominee, jazz chanteuse Sylvia Bennett captures the flirtation, the romance and the jazz on her brand new album BEST LOVE SONGS featuring 12 of the most amazing love songs ever written, including Burt Bacharach’s “Look Of Love,” the Sinatra classic “Fly Me To the Moon,” the Gershwins' “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” and Cole Porter’s “Night and Day.” Ms. Bennett opens the Great American Songbook for her exciting new collection, and helps herself to a rich set list custom made for her exquisite voice and impeccable phrasing! BEST LOVE SONGS is Sylvia Bennett's sweetest assortment of classics yet!

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Can You Hear Me

PATRICK BRADLEY Can You Hear Me Patrick Bradley

When you hear the bluesy organ solo on “All In,” the easy flowing opening track of keyboardist/composer Patrick Bradley’s CAN YOU HEAR ME, and the wild Moog synth solo on the high octane “North of Evermore,” you might just think they’re being played by the project’s legendary producer Jeff Lorber. That’s how exciting and innovative Bradley is as a player! Though he enlists the help of all-star friends like Rick Braun, Dave Koz, Jimmy Haslip and Eric Marienthal, Bradley shines on both the main melodies and sparkling solos on a set that’s rocking, funkified and at times profoundly spiritual. CAN YOU HEAR ME? That would be a resounding YES!

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The Next Chapter

TOM BRAXTON The Next Chapter Pacific Coast Jazz

A truly revered saxophonist… Tom Braxton is highly respected by both the world-class artists he performs with and the fans that watch him play! With a tone that is rich and distinctive, there’s no wonder why this star player commands attention. Tom’s highly anticipated 8th solo release, THE NEXT CHAPTER, is a feel-good, body movin’, soulfully positive collection of tunes, featuring Grammy winners Bob James, Ricky Lawson, Earl Klugh, along with one of Smooth Jazz’s most beloved guitarists, Peter White! In addition to outstanding, original compositions, you’ll find sweet covers of favorites including the OJay’s “I Love Music,” and the Spinner’s “I’ll Be Around;” tunes that bring to mind the fun vibe of the late Wayman Tisdale, whom Braxton supported as Musical Director for 17 years. In addition to his own band, you can occasionally enjoy him with Earl Klugh and Keiko Matsui. Brimming with good vibes, Tom Braxton’s THE NEXT CHAPTER is a guaranteed chart topper!

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Driven By Angels

BROTHER JAY Driven By Angels

Can’t imagine a better thing to be inspired by… the divine and uplifting! Jazzman, Brother Jay composes smooth, melodic songs inspired by angels. He calls his unique blend of jazz, “Inspirational Jazz.” I call his music soulfully connected… Jay is a musician who calls on a higher power to guide him through life, love and songwriting. You can feel the love when you listen… and feel it you will on his exceptional new album DRIVEN BY ANGELS. Delightfully positive new songs featuring Brother Jay’s elegant keyboard playing along with feel-good percussion and undeniably, hooky melodies! Songs like “Steppin’ On Air,” “Talk To Me,” “Slow Ride In Slow Motion” and “Rain On Me” make DRIVEN BY ANGELS one of the best recordings yet from the man with the heart of gold… Brother Jay!

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Night Sketches

BUTCH AND RHONDA COLEMAN Night Sketches Jeremee Records

The dynamic Baltimore based Smooth Jazz duo of Butch (bass) and Rhonda (vocals, keyboards) brings a dynamic resume to their delightfully poppy and soulful debut NIGHT SKETCHES. Their collective resume includes two decades of performances in the DC Metro area. In addition, Butch plays bass on several of pop singer Jessie J’s hit singles, while Rhonda has opened for Al Jarreau, Phyllis Hyman and The Blackbirds. Complementing the playful, horn-fired light funk instrumental tune “Malibu,” the Colemans are all about imparting lessons of love and romance on the vocal tunes - from the optimistic “Here I Go Again” through the exotic, Latin-flavored “Yellow Butterfly,” “Carry My Heart and “We Belong Together.”

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All In Good Time

AL DEGREGORIS All In Good Time A-PEX Recordings International

When Al DeGregoris records a new project, the A List shows up! Seven tracks produced by guitarist Nils and two helmed by keyboardist Jeff Lorber, ALL IN GOOD TIME finds the versatile indie composer/keyboardist establishing a powerful ensemble vibe with a batch of contemporary jazz greats, including Chuck Loeb, Jimmy Haslip and Eric Marienthal, it also includes some of the supremely grooving last sessions by drummer Ricky Lawson. The all-star guests may make genre fans curious, but it’s DeGregoris’ infectious and dynamic piano, synth and Fender Rhodes’ melodies, which supercharge the fun. Nils’ tracks range from the funky, exuberant “Sunnyside” (the project’s first single) to the synth driven symphonic pop jazz tune, “Autumn Chill.” The throbbing R&B. jazz-fusion jam “Hey You” has the classic Lorber vibe. The best indie artists capture our hearts ALL IN GOOD TIME!

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Big Water Little Boat

TIM DEHUFF Big Water Little Boat Independent

New York area guitarist extraordinaire, Tim DeHuff shines brightly on his impressive album debut, BIG WATER LITTLE BOAT. It's truly amazing that this world class musician is just releasing a solo recording given the long list of artists he's supported over the years including The Main Ingredient, Larry Coryell, John Klemmer, David Benoit, Lee Ritenour, George Duke and many more. This stunning project features original tunes offering a variety of musical styles ranging from contemporary jazz, funk, and rock to Latin and Reggae, all showcasing Tim’s polished, yet edgy guitar solos, guaranteeing an exciting listening experience. Get ready to have your boat rocked!

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The Doctor Is In

DR. DAVE The Doctor Is In Hatherill Records

An author as well as a prolific artist and composer, guitarist Dr. Dave has written a book in which he says, “Often music touches people in ways that words alone cannot.” Hot on the heels of his star studded 2013 collection “Love Potion,” he lets fans know that THE DOCTOR IS IN – in super-melodic, funky and slightly exotic and tropical ways – on his infectious, high energy new album. The lead single is an easy swinging cover of Stanley Turrentine’s jazzy version of the Marvin Gaye penned, “Don’t Mess With Mr. T,” a dynamic showcase for his crisp, hypnotic electric lines. He includes some older cuts with late sax great Hollis Gentry III, and also a horn-intensive twist on the Booker T. classic “Hip Hug-Her.” Make your appointment – The DOCTOR IS IN!

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LANCE ELLIS Landlord Records

He grew up learning from Ellis Marsalis, he marched in the Mardi Gras in school, he moonlighted on Bourbon Street and played on riverboats and he followed in the footsteps of the, great saxophonist Charles Miller. Meet Lance Ellis, a former New Orleans postal worker turned entrepreneur and entertainer. The charismatic performer has taken the innovative principles of jazz and applied them to his unique style of smooth music that is truly seductive and hypnotic. A timeless, sophisticated gumbo of jazz, Gospel-tinged R&B and soul… inspired by New Orleans but too big to stop there! is home to a catalog of cool music, including original Lance Ellis music on CD and DVD. Jazz just the way you like it, smooth and sexy, featuring saxophone and flute with renowned guests including Michael Ward, Gina Brown and Lee Oskar. Get inspired, get inspiring music at!

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Change Coming

MARK ETHEREDGE Change Coming Vipaka Records

There’s a big CHANGE COMING in Mark Etheredge’s life – and if the eclectic coolness of his debut album as a singer/songwriter and pianist is any indication, it’s going to involve much deserved adult contemporary stardom. In addition to playing the kind of refined soul/pop that legends like Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs and Bobby Caldwell did in their heydays, the multi-talented, Los Angeles based artist beautifully balances marvelously sly humor and colorful storytelling with heartfelt romantic expressions.

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On The Rocks - EP

THE GRAY Feat LAURENT CAILLAT On The Rocks - EP Independent

Fading into The Gray will lead you into a sexy world of sweet sensuality; fashionable beats, stimulating lyrics and sultry vocals. Meet Laurent Caillat, the driving force behind this music project. Born to a Haitian mother and Swiss father, the multi-cultural NYC-based singer, songwriter, producer, actor, dancer, DJ and model keeps extraordinarily busy with all of the above, including shooting a new TV comedy series directed by Mark Farrell (Curb Your Enthusiasm). The Gray feat Laurent Caillat delivers an appetizing collection of songs on the EP, ON THE ROCKS, a provocative, irresistible, love-drenched soundtrack for modern times featuring Laurent’s alluring vocals and compelling lyrics. Straight up, ON THE ROCKS delivers emotive, sonic seduction in 5 amazing songs!

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Good Thing


I can’t tell you the thrill that I still get discovering new music… so when Grammy nominated recording artist Brian Bromberg let us know that he had just produced an exceptional new vocalist, I tracked her down fast! Meet Maggie Herron, often referred to as “Hawaii’s Jazz Goddess.” While that may be true, Ms. Herron is an approachable, down to earth chanteuse.. with an honest to God, honey-dipped voice that wraps itself around some of the most beloved standards of all time on this album, as well as her own, gorgeously penned originals! Bromberg, featured on bass, invited additional A-Listers to join in on the project, including one of our favorite trumpeters, Rick Braun, who also sits in on vocals! Maggie’s cover of “Woodstock” transcends the rock classic by spinning it into a contemporary jazz knockout. GOOD THING is the best thing to hit the jazz community in a long time.

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No Time Like Now

VINCENT IOIA No Time Like Now Independent

An emotional odyssey lies behind the launching of saxophonist Vincent Ioia’s (pronounced "ee-yoy-ya") recording adventure! His world-class release, NO TIME LIKE NOW, comes on the heels of a 30-year career as an IT professional and successful Chief Information Officer for a major Wall Street investment company! Heart warming story… a young musician opted out of his music career to earn a living for his family; later revisiting his first love (music) after tragedy struck, losing his wife to cancer. Literally inspired by David Sanborn, NO TIME LIKE NOW showcases power and passion. You'll hear it in Vincent’s explosive playing! From the horn-driven, title track featuring Rippingtons’ keyboardist Bill Heller to the rest of the album, with songs penned by co-producer Ricky Peterson as well as Heller, featuring A-Listers, guitarist Gerey Johnson, bassist Paul Peterson and percussionist Petar Janjic.

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On Top Of The World

JAREZ On Top Of The World Independent

Crave new music? Meet innovative Saxophonist Jarez and his Cali-cool hybrid blend of jazz, hip-hop and R&B; robust with style and confidence! His album ON TOP OF THE WORLD, takes his unique treatment of Smooth Jazz to the Echo Boomer generation, featuring his infectious new hit single, "Can't Let Go." Jarez says that his desire is to be the "Tiger Woods of jazz." As he puts it, “Tiger made an old man’s game exciting and real for kids. I want to do the same for jazz.” The 30-something is a busy entrepreneur, in addition to promoting his new release, he tours, performs and even cooks with iconic rapper Coolio! Discover jazz by Jarez and expand your world!

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Beautiful Music

DAVID JONES Beautiful Music Independent

Emerging from Alabama’s Gulf Coast like an exciting and electric force of musical nature, multi-talented composer, trumpeter and vocalist David Jones calls his brand of Smooth Jazz, “Soul Jazz” and titles it BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! There’s so much more here than that title implies. With the help of guitarist Eric Essix, Jones gets the party off to a soulful, funk-drenched start, having his trumpet declare on his radio hit, “Let The Players Play.” He and Essix keep the rock/soul hoppin’ on “Glory Be.” Jones includes lovely vocals and trumpet ballads and even an explosive Gospel tune. It’s BEAUTIFUL MUSIC for fans with expansive tastes!

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It's On

DIRK K It's On DIP Records

With his crisp, snappy and often hypnotic electric lines, veteran guitarist Dirk K lets us know from the opening minute of the coolly percussive title track of his latest full length collection that IT’S ON. This mid-tempo delight, which features an exciting tonal and rhythmic shift midway through as the grooves ease into Trip-Hop, is at the core of an engaging set, full of fresh fun like you’ll hear on “Snap Jam” and “Toxic,” plus, silky original ballads and covers galore including “Holding Back The Years,” “That’s The Way of the World” and “Lovesong,” as well as the first ever Smooth Jazz re-imagining of “Funkytown.” Ah yeah… IT’S ON is an album you won’t want to turn off!

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REZA KHAN Dreamwalker Painted Media

New from Bangladesh-born guitarist Reza Khan comes DREAMWALKER with his band Painted Diaries and featuring special guests keyboardist Philippe Saisse and saxophonist Andy Snitzer on Reza’s exciting new collection of global grooves! The title track is the project’s first single and we anticipate a tremendous traction at radio worldwide. The music is remarkably accessible… fans of Peter White and Ken Navarro, will love Reza Khan! Living in New York, Reza gathers his musical inspiration from his world travels as well collaborative efforts with renowned musicians. Chillaxed yet deep!

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The Green Album

LE JAZZ COLLAB The Green Album Independent

Le Jazz Collab is the evolution of Canada’s Groove55, the critically acclaimed, contemporary jazz band from Montreal. A better fit for bandleader, keyboardist/composer/producer Jacques Mignault’s vision of creating a collaborative recording environment where musicians and music professionals can work together from anywhere via the Internet. The first release, THE GREEN ALBUM, features extraordinary musicians that cover a full spectrum with many musical genres that range from Smooth Jazz to Latin rhythms to horn-centric fusion and pop. Stand out tracks include the latest single, “On The Tap” which will compliment any jazz radio station’s playlist, and the chilled-out cover of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.” This exciting, world-class project was created with love and all done in the artists’ free time… speaking of free, it is absolutely free for you to download on

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Bright Moments

TERJE LIE Bright Moments TCat Records

Terje Lie (pronounced "Terry Lee") knows a good team when he's got one. Collaborating on the second project in a row with the writing and production team of keyboardist Jeff Lorber and Yellowjackets' bassist Jimmy Haslip, the Norwegian born, Los Angeles based saxophonist stirs up the perfect high energy blend of pop, R&B and jazz fusion here. Stocked with playful, solid grooves like the funky opener "Storm Skies" and the first single "You Know," which are both hooky and melodic, you should also know that this album is a classic "player's album" where inventive improvisation and explosive jamming reign throughout. Lie saves the most unpredictable ride for last, blowing hard with his cohorts amidst the explosive rock energy of guest guitarist Michael Landau as they navigate the wild "Jungle." Lots of BRIGHT MOMENTS to enjoy throughout! Bold moves for Terje Lie, we expect big things from this talent!

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King Of The Most High

KEITH MASON King Of The Most High Independent

Love, light, spirituality… all wrapped up with a beautiful, bottom heavy vibe! Meet bassist, Keith Mason who mixes his passion for music with the grace of a higher calling on his 3rd album release, KING OF THE MOST HIGH. A one-of-a-kind tapestry of Smooth Christian Jazz, soul and R&B. Music on a spiritual path from an artist who’s spent 35 years performing many musical genres which has honed his impeccable tone and masterful melodies, both showcased here along with beautiful bass solos. Keith lives and breaths his love of music and includes it in his Ministry of Music at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Virginia as well as performing with his own band N2N. The message on KING OF THE MOST HIGH is one of love, and love, no matter how you slice it, is always a positive thing!

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JEANNE NEWHALL Sky Marzipan Records

Composer, singer, pianist, poet Jeanne Newhall is what I call an expansive artist; her sound is not easily confined to one genre. Rather her organic music style is inclusive of much... such as love, jazz, folk, intelligence, soul, blues, spirituality, humor, yoga, earth, sea and SKY. This new recording, some 10 years in the making, features 10 originals and a casual-cool cover of Bob Dylan's "If Not For You." The project also features the artful bass work of the great Abraham Laboriel as well as Walter Rodriquez on percussion and drums, and Japanese guitarist Kazunori Koga. The album is called SKY for reasons that only Jeanne Newhall knows, but to me, it's because it features music that is elevated… songs with meaning, delivered with an intelligent musical sensibility, like jazz. These songs will attach themselves to your heart and work their way skyward to your thoughts, where they will linger.

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NOBRESIL Original Independent

Driven by soulful, Bossa based rhythms, colorful and exotic instrumentation (by top Latin and Brazilian musicians) and the sensual voice and beautiful phrasing of multi-lingual lead vocalist Mari Nobre, Nobresil offers a unique, multi-cultural world jazz and Brazilian music vibe on their new album that lives up to its title: ORIGINAL. A partnership between Mari Nobre and her Grammy winning husband, bassist Leo Nobre, the group works magic with a mix of classic Brazilian tunes, infectious new compositions and fresh twists, such as on The Gershwins’ “Fascinating Rhythm” and the Oscar-winning ballad “Up Where We Belong.” The tunes are filled with passion, poetry and only real instrumentation! Nobresil (a play on the the artists’ name Nobre and Brasil) defies all rules! Part pop, part jazz, part World music, 100% ORIGINAL!

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Best Of so far

STEVE OLIVER Best Of so far SOM Entertainment, LLC

With his fascinating mix of melodic, acoustic guitar, driving grooves, soulful lead singing and infectious, seemingly extraterrestrial talents as a human drum and vocal soundscape master, Steve Oliver has, over the past 15 years, titled his albums after the uplifting vibes he’s created. Early on, he recorded POSITIVE ENERGY and RADIANT. Later, incorporating more of a universal consciousness and world rhythms, he released GLOBAL KISS and WORLD CITIZEN. BEST SO FAR is a spirited 15 track set featuring the multi-talented performer’s many infectious radio smashes (including two re-recorded from his 1999 debut FIRST VIEW) and two irresistible new tracks including the first single, "Calling You." BEST OF SO FAR is a great overview of one of the genre’s most unique creative geniuses!

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Let Your Love Rise

FABIANA PASSONI Let Your Love Rise Independent

In 2012, Fabiana Passoni received a unique designation that affirmed the impact of her sultry mix of Jazz Fusion, Bossa Nova, Baiao and Samba on American audiences. She was chosen by the Brazilian International Press Awards Colegio Electoral as Best Brazilian Female Singer Living in the U.S. Her cool, sensual vocals are showcased beautifully on her graceful and rhythmic new single “Let Your Love Rise,” one of three vibrant tracks on her latest EP of the same name. She also puts her sweet, distinctive vocal stamp on a lush cover of Carole King’s classic “Jazzman,” and a cool Bossa version of James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” Fabiana is Fab!

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ROXANNA Exotica Roxart Inc.

While she was a Registered Nurse, Iranian born, Toronto-based singer Roxanna discovered the healing power of music very literally when she sang for her very ill patients. Medicine’s loss is Smooth Jazz’s gain, as the multi-talented artist shares a blend of powerhouse emotional ballads and sensual Latin-flavored gems on her perfectly titled debut EXOTICA, featuring some of the world's greatest musicians and Flamenco performers! Her first single is a lush and sensuous, string enhanced mid-tempo twist on Lionel Richie’s classic of longing, “Hello.” Let Roxanna charm and seduce you with EXOTICA.

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Tell You Something

SAM RUCKER Tell You Something Favor Productions

The next generation of Smooth Jazz has a visionary… welcome to the inspired world of saxophonist Sam Rucker and his soulful and passionate new album TELL YOU SOMETHING! This unique blend of Jazz, Soul, Gospel and Hip Hop, is collaboration with sax star, Euge Groove and features special guests Norman Connors, Bobby Lyle, Tom Brown and Alyson Williams. Nearly three years in the making, every song is moving with nonstop, positive energy and rich production. The single, “Be True 2 Who U R” will surely be the first of many songs from this album to hit the airwaves! The saxman who’s played with Smooth Jazz stars such as Peter White, Ronnie Laws and Phil Perry is telling you something, we highly recommend that you listen!

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Playa Blanca (Soul Italiano)

PAOLO RUSTICHELLI Playa Blanca (Soul Italiano) Next Age Music

After hitting it big on the charts with his recent #1 hit "Med Groove," the Smooth Jazz hit maker, pioneer of synth music and originator of the Chillout explosion, takes us on another enchanted, pulsating, energetic journey this summer, on a white, sandy beach with "Playa Blanca" - A musical vacation to the beach of your dreams! From Paolo Rustichelli's forthcoming, masterpiece album SOUL ITALIANO, comes this exciting new single with a fresh, smooth energetic mix of saxophone riffs, Latin rhythms, Reggae and classic Paolo melodies and style! It's easy to predict that this new oustanding exploration of the Mediterrannean and his enchanted vibrating realms will be a summer sensation!

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JIM SAMUEL NOW Independent

Composer/pianist Jim Samuel offers a compelling variety of textures and tempos on his latest release, NOW, featuring a stellar collection of originals, augmented by two sterling covers… namely the iconic “Mr. Magic,” featuring Gerald Albright’s brilliant sax work, and the Norah Jones hit, “Don’t Know Why.” Of the originals, I’m particularly drawn to the lovely “Serena,” featuring talented guitarist Rob Tardik, and the bittersweet “Now That You’re Gone,” featuring trumpet/flugelhorn master Tony Neenan. NOW just might be Mr. Samuel’s best release yet. Expect to see this one spending a lot of time at the top of the charts in 2014!

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Indigo Blue - The Crater Creek Project

ROBERT SANAE Indigo Blue - The Crater Creek Project Platinum Strive Music Group LLC

It’s all about timing… and for musician, composer, producer and multi-instrumentatlist Robert Sanae, his time has come! The Dayton native and former member of Zapp feat Roger Troutman, is the son of percussionist Robert Jones Kuumba, one of the original members of The Ohio Players. On his 2nd release, INDIGO BLUE : THE CRATER CREEK PROJECT, Sanae offers some of the tastiest, new Smooth Jazz, Pop and Neo Soul we’ve come across this year! Songs flow sweetly like honey... so accessible and catchy, with trumpet playing that embodies the classic vibe of Mangione and the hipness of Braun, a dream come true for radio! Many stand out tracks here, including “Time Machine,” featuring vocalist Justin Sanderson, and other than a special guest appearance by Bob Baldwin, Sanae performs all of the music on the album! The time is right for the world to discover this talented artist!

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TONY SAUNDERS Appaloosa San Francisco Records

World-class bassist Tony Saunders plays bass like a wild-spirited, free-running, colorful Appaloosa. His soulful, low-end bass work is melodic, joyful and deep… like the Bay Area artist himself! This highly anticipated release features many originals including the album’s first single, the sophisticated and melodic “Sandy Shores of Monterey,” a smooth, sultry groove that I love beyond the obvious reasons (but I love it for the name as well :-). Special guests on APPALOOSA include Howard Hewitt, Santana's Tony Lindsay, Sakai, Tower of Power’s Tom Politzer and Bill Champlin singing the title track, a Gino Vannelli penned tune. Tony's career began at 5 years old, as it would in the house of his father, the beloved, late Merl Saunders (Rainforest Band, Jerry Garcia). This is why he runs deep! The project is love-inspired, love-themed and will set your spirit free!

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Hard Water

JONATHAN SIGEL Hard Water Jonathan Sigel Music

The New York native, now South Florida based trumpeter has performed professionally since the age of 17, his original music is reminiscent and influenced by artists including Jeff Lorber, George Duke, Steely Dan and even Stevie Wonder. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for a follow up to his debut “Milky Way Soul,” and our patience has been rewarded with a killer collection of original grooves and Smooth Jazz. HARD WATER, is a bright and melodic, easy grooving mix of retro and contemporary sounds. From the energetic and supercharged, “Monster Woman,” to the easy flowing, cool romance of “Who We Were.” Critically acclaimed saxophonist Eric Marienthal guests on the project. Jonathan Sigel’s HARD WATER promises to quench your thirst for inspiring new music from inspired artists!

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THUMPER & GENERATION ONE One United 4 Love Entertainment

A wildly versatile one-man-band and creative Renaissance man (singer, songwriter, producer actor, model) from Omaha, Nebraska. Meet Thumper & Generation One... urban jazz fans will be swaying to the electric guitar and vocal driven slow jam of the Johnny Gill classic “My My My.” But don’t get too chilled, Thumper's got a lot more up his sleeve on this eclectic 14 track collection of multiple moods – including New Age (the opener, “Song of the Universe”), blistering Rock/Soul (“It’s Time”), funky Synth-Jazz (“In The Zone”) and Techno-Rock-Gospel (“The Saints Jam”). Thumper’s ONE is one cool and wild ride!

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Renaissance Man

TONY TRAVALINI Renaissance Man Independent

A onetime Motown artist and songwriter returning to the groove after a few decades away, Tony Travalini forges a fresh, multi-faceted vibe and a wealth of sonic possibilities via his Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer. On his dynamic, genre-defying debut RENAISSANCE MAN he uses this incredible electronic "axe" to create sweeping atmospheres, exotic chants, pan flutes, saxophone, trumpet, horn sections, crisp electric and acoustic guitar sounds - and a lot of unexpected sonic textures along the way. His latest single, "Give A Little Of Your Love," is a fun, Latin-tinged jam featuring Travalini's jazzy lead electric guitar, rich percussive textures and mojito-inspiring vocal play. Great to have such a wonderful talent among the Smooth Jazz ranks!

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NY Guitarist debuts with Killer, World Class Release!
Nobresil LIVE
Nobresil LIVE
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Los Angeles, CA
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